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CIAM firma un acuerdo con el Centro Internacional de Arbitraje de Hong Kong (HKIAC)

Madrid, 8 de enero de 2021

Artículo publicado en El Derecho
Artículo publicado en Bolsamanía

HKIAC is pleased to announce that we have entered into a cooperation agreement with the Madrid International Arbitration Center (MIAC/ CIAM (Centro Internacional de Arbitraje de Madrid) ). Joe Liu, HKIAC Acting Secretary-General / Deputy Secretary-General, and José Antonio Caínzos Fernández, MIAC President, signed the Agreement online in Hong Kong and Madrid respectively.We look forward to sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and continued collaboration with MIAC to support the users of arbitration in Europe and Latin America, which represent important markets for trade and investment for commercial parties in Asia.

Despite being physically apart from our arbitration friends and colleagues around the world, we continue the efforts to engage with organisations and individuals from across the globe.

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