Alexis Mourre


Jesús Remón

Filipa Cansado

José Ricardo Feris

Sabina Sacco

Diana Correa

Best practices commission

The objective of the Best Practices Commission is to ensure that the Center complies with the highest standards of quality in all its proceedings and with the best international practices in the field of arbitration.

This commission proposes the modifications it deems appropriate with respect to the different documents or instruments with which the Center operates (Rules, arbitration clause(s), fees, website, etc.) as well as other new documents, guides or instruments that will enable the Center to remain at the forefront of the arbitration world at all times.

It has a Chair who shall rotate annually among its members, may operate through sub-commissions that shall have their respective heads, and is composed of a minimum of six members who are not part of the Plenary, nor of the Commissions for the Appointment and Recusal of Arbitrators, nor of the governing bodies of the Association, nor of the founding members of the Association.