Cláusula Modelo Normativa
Cláusula Modelo Normativa


CIAM-CIAR does not have a roster of mediators. Appointments are governed by the Rules for the Appointment and Confirmation of Mediators.
The procedure for appointing and confirming mediators involves: the General Secretariat and the Commission.

The Center has a system of appointment of mediators that respects the will of the parties, who are free to choose the mediator or mediators they deem convenient. When, for lack of agreement between the parties, the Center must appoint one or more mediators, it will do so by submitting to the parties a list of potential mediators. The names of mediators acting in CIAM-CIAR proceedings will be published on this website. The publication shall include, in addition to the name of the person appointed as mediator, their nationality, the origin of the appointment (parties or Center) and whether the proceeding in which they are acting is still open or has been terminated.


    • Acceptance and declaration of independence, impartiality and availability of the mediator
    • Mediator CV template