CIAM-CIAR Centro Internacional de Arbitraje de Madrid - Centro iberoamericano de Arbitraje
CIAM-CIAR Centro Internacional de Arbitraje de Madrid - Centro iberoamericano de Arbitraje
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The Center

The Madrid International Arbitration Center – Ibero-American Arbitration Center is an innovative arbitral institution that offers an independent, transparent and efficient service for the resolution of international disputes.

In addition to adhering to the highest international ethical standards, CIAM-CIAR’s guiding principles are: excellence in processes, customer service and sustainability.

CIAM-CIAR started operations in 2020 with the accumulated experience of its founding Courts: the Madrid Court of Arbitration(CAM), the Spanish Court of Arbitration (CEA) and the Civil and Commercial Arbitration Court (CIMA) with the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM) as a strategic partner.

Among CIAM-CIAR’s main innovations is the work carried out by its Commissions made up of professionals of recognized prestige in the arbitration community and representing more than twenty different nationalities. The members of the commissions are external, totally independent of CIAM-CIAR and their position is not remunerated.

The Center acts independently of its founding Courts, and in accordance with its own Bylaws and its Arbitration Rules and internal regulations, and has the following bodies for the development of its activity:

CIAM-CIAR also has sectorial Working Groups that bring together companies, lawyers and international arbitrators with the objective of being a forum for discussion and reflection in each sector in order to listen to their needs.

CIAM-CIAR’s specialized Working Groups are composed of professionals and experts in different topics of special interest to the arbitration community: International and Maritime Arbitration; Construction; Digital Economy; Energy; Tourism and Hotels; Experts and Insurance; Arbitrations with the Public Sector; Insurance and Pharmaceutical.