historia CIAM-CIAR
historia CIAM-CIAR

CIAM-CIAR's Values


  • The Center is committed to transparency. The main measures implemented in this area are:
    1. Publication of general information on each of the cases managed by CIAM-CIAR (available here).
    2. Publication of statistics on all arbitrations (available here).
    3. Publication of information on each of the appointed arbitrators, such as their name, nationality, by whom they have been appointed and role (available here).
    4. Publication of internal operating guidelines (available here).
    5. Publication of the composition of all the Center’s bodies and committees (available here).


  • Use of the High Q virtual platform

The Center provides the Parties and the Tribunal with the High Q virtual platform to facilitate the administration of the arbitration and the better management of the case file. This platform is confidential and secure, allowing parties, counsel, arbitrators, arbitration clerks, etc. to access their digital file from anywhere in the world. The platform manual is available here.

The Center also has modern hearing rooms equipped with the necessary technology to conduct arbitration proceedings in ideal conditions. In addition, the Center offers the possibility of conducting virtual or hybrid hearings using the most advanced audiovisual technology.

  • Partnership with Dispute Resolution Data as data partner

Reflecting its commitment to digitization and transparency, the Center acts as a data partner in association with Dispute Resolution Data. Dispute Resolution Data has developed a global database on commercial arbitrations and mediations for data collection and reporting. New data is continually added as cases are closed.

Diversity and equality

  • Signatory of Equal Representation in Arbitration (ERA) Pledge


The Center has a strong commitment to diversity and equality. To promote gender equality in arbitration, the Center joined the Equal Representation in Arbitration – ERA Pledge. This initiative seeks to increase, on an equal opportunity basis, the number of women appointed as arbitrators and to improve the representation of women in arbitration.

  • Collaboration agreement with Women Way in Arbitration (WWA LATAM)

In addition, the Center signed a collaboration agreement with Women’s Way in Arbitration, through which WWA and CIAM-CIAR find common ground in their objectives for the fight for diversity in international arbitration. The agreement encompasses different promotional actions, such as events, as well as CIAM-CIAR’s efforts to appoint women arbitrators to promote diversity and parity.


In order to minimize the environmental impact of administering arbitration proceedings, the Center encourages parties to communicate electronically and to submit documents in digital format. Internally, the Center has a paperless office.

The Center is also a subscriber to the Green Pledge, a campaign that aims to minimize the impact of arbitration practice on the environment. More information on this campaign can be found here.