Scope of action

1. CIAM-CIAR administers only mediations that have an international character.

2.The Center administers disputes arising from
direct appointments, i.e. mediation agreements designating CIAM-CIAR as the administering institution, and
forwardings, i.e. mediation agreements designating any of the Lead Entities (CMEM, CEA, CIMA or MediaICAM) as the administering institution.

3. Regarding forwarding:

    • For mediation agreements signed as of 01.01.2021, forwarding is automatic.
    • For mediation agreements entered into before 01.01.2021, they will initially be administered by the Lead Entity. However, it will invite the parties to consider transferring the case to CIAM-CIAR. If the parties agree to such a transfer, CIAM-CIAR will administer the case. Otherwise, the Lead Entity will continue administering the case.