Contacto CIAM-CIAR
Contacto CIAM-CIAR

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If you have any questions or need more information about any aspect related to CIAM-CIAR, you can contact us through the following email:

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CIAM-CIAR’s headquarters are in the historic center of Madrid, close to Puerta del Sol. It is surrounded by hotels within walking distance and has a public parking lot 30 meters away.
De las Huertas Street, 13 – 1ª floor
C.P. 28012 Madrid, Spain
+34 91 538 35 48

CIAM-CIAR has modern facilities equipped with audio and video recording systems for holding hearings.

How to access

    • Subway: Antón Martín, Sevilla, Sol.
    • Car: Public parking 30 meters from CIAM headquarters (Plaza Santa Ana).