Arbitration Procedure

Ordinary Procedure

Under Article 5(2) of the Arbitration Rules, the request for arbitration shall include:

    • Full name, postal address, email address and other relevant details to identify and contact the claimant(s) and the respondent(s). In particular, the request must state the addresses to which communications to the specified parties must be sent under Article 3. 
    • Full name, postal address, email address and other relevant details to identify and contact the claimant’s legal counsel or legal representatives in the arbitration.
    • A brief overview of the dispute.
    • The relief sought and, if possible, its estimated monetary amount.
    • The deed, contract or legal transaction from which the dispute arises or to which it is related.
    • The arbitration agreement being invoked.
    • The proposed number of arbitrators and the language and place of the arbitration, assuming that there was no prior agreement or that an amendment to the arbitration agreement between the parties is being sought.
    • If the arbitration agreement specifies that a three-member tribunal be appointed, the submission shall designate the corresponding choices of party-appointed arbitrator, stating his or her full name and contact details and attaching the statement of independence, impartiality and availability, as Article 10(2) specifies.
    • Where a third party has provided funding linked to the outcome of the arbitration, this fact and the identity of the funder must be disclosed.

Under Article 5(4) of the Arbitration Rules, the following documents must be enclosed with the request for arbitration:

    • A copy of the arbitration agreement or of communications providing proof of such an agreement.
    • A copy of the contracts or main instruments giving rise to the dispute.
    • A document naming the party’s legal counsel or legal representatives in the arbitration, signed by that party.
    • Proof of payment of the Center’s filing and administrative fees and, where appropriate, of any applicable advances of funds on account of arbitrator fees.

The party initiating the arbitration must enclose with the request for arbitration proof of payment of the Center’s filing fees, amounting to EUR 2,000 (plus the applicable VAT), and administrative fees (see the section on Costs).
When making the bank transfer, in the payment reference, please include the name of the party filing the request for arbitration.

Recipient: Asociación para el Arbitraje Internacional de Madrid
Recipient’s bank: CaixaBank
Recipient’s account number: 2100 5731 73 0200314858
IBAN (electronic format): ES6121005731730200314858
IBAN (hard copy format): IBAN ES61 2100 5731 7302 0031 4858

The request for arbitration must be sent to Requests for arbitration may also be sent by delivery against receipt, certified mail or courier service to the following address:

Centro Internacional de Arbitraje de Madrid.
C/ de las Huertas, 13.
28012 Madrid.

Expedited Procedure

The Expedited Procedure shall apply whenever:

    • The total quantum of the dispute is equal to or less than EUR 1,000,000.
    • The parties have not expressly stated in their arbitration agreement that expedited proceedings will not be used.
    • Expedited proceedings will also be conducted if so agreed between the parties, regardless of the date of the arbitration agreement and the quantum of the dispute.

Expedited proceedings differ from ordinary proceedings in the following respects:

    • The preparation of terms of reference will not be required;
    • The arbitral tribunal may shorten any of the time limits provided in the Arbitration Rules;
    • The arbitral tribunal may limit the number, extent and scope of the written statements;
    • Having heard the parties, the arbitral tribunal may order that the case be conducted on an exclusively documentary basis.

Emergency arbitrator

See Articles 58 to 67 of the Arbitration Rules.

You should send your Application to You can also send it by delivery against receipt, registered mail, courier service to the following address:

Centro Internacional de Arbitraje de Madrid.
C/ de las Huertas, 13.
28012 Madrid.

In accordance with point 11 of Annex 2 to the Arbitration Rules, the party requesting the appointment of an emergency arbitrator shall pay an amount of €15,000, consisting of €5,000 of CIAM’s administrative expenses and €10,000 of the emergency arbitrator’s fees. The Secretariat will not notify the application until it has received payment of the arbitrator’s administrative costs and fees.