Krystle Baptista Serna

Víctor Bonnín Reynés

Gabriel Bottini

Rosa Bueno de Lercari

Alfredo Bullard

Luis Capiel

Eliseo Castineira

Miguel de Almada

Jaime Gallego

Rodrigo García da Fonseca

Carlos González-Bueno

Hernando Herrera

Alegría Jijón

Macarena Letelier

Pedro Martínez-Fraga

Christa Mueller

Andrea Orta González Sicilia

Alejandro López Ortiz

Diana Paraguacuto-Mahéo

Carolina Posada

Adriana Pucci

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Víctor Ruiz

Sofia De Sampaio Jalles

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Adriana Vaamonde

Award Scrutiny Commission

The Award Scrutiny Commission (the “Commission”), together with the General Secretariat, has the function of reviewing awards rendered in arbitration proceedings administered by CIAM-CIAR in order to strengthen their quality and facilitate their enforcement, in accordance with the Arbitration Rules and the Guide to the Scrutiny of the Award.

The Commission is composed of external members appointed by the Plenary, at the proposal of the Chair of CIAM-CIAR, for a period of three years. These external members are professionals of recognized prestige in the arbitration community, totally independent of CIAM-CIAR and in an unpaid position.

During their term of office, members of the Commission may act as arbitrators in cases administered by CIAM-CIAR.